Darren Sissons | Nov 26, 2009

The Physical Education classes at North Addington Education Centre were on wheels last week.  Mrs. Sarah Sproule, a secondary physical education teacher, arranged for the unique opportunity by organizing the rental of 10 wheelchairs for classes to experience sports and life from a different perspective. Throughout the week, grade 8-12 students had a chance to play basketball, dodge ball and navigate through a variety of obstacle courses.

Outside of the gym, students attempted to maintain their regular activities within the school while using the chairs: "Getting a drink wasn't hard, it was impossible" said Sarah Connell.  "Navigating the hallways during break was difficult” noted Courtney Dacuk.  By the end of the week, the students had multiple blisters, sore arms and shoulders, along with a much clearer perspective on the challenges and successes of others.


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