| Jan 08, 2009

It’s not likely that all meetings of Addington Highlands Council in 2009 will be over in less than half an hour, but the first one of the year clocked in at only 20 minutes.

The meeting took place on the first real working day of the year and the agenda was limited to receiving correspondence and requests for support from other municipalities, paying some bills, and receiving a report from road superintendent Royce Rosenblath.

The main road issue that Rosenblath talked about was actually a bridge issue. The Flinton bridge is being rebuilt, and the old bridge has been removed, but the company doing the work has been delayed because water levels were up too high after the post-Christmas thaw.

“We are hoping the water levels subside and they can get back at it,” said Rosenblath.

Rosenblath added that over Christmas the township's six plow operators were fully occupied as all six trucks were out “just about every day.”

Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch took the occasion to mention that “I have not heard any service complaints so far this winter.”

Reeve Henry Hogg wants councilors to put their minds to the infrastructure needs within the township. “It looks like by the end of the month with the new federal budget there might be infrastructure money available. Anybody with any ideas should bring them to the next meeting,” he said.

Council will meet next at the Denbigh Hall on Monday evening, January 21 at 7:00 pm.






































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