Jule Koch Brison | May 19, 2011

Fire Chief Casey Cuddy reported that no tenders were received for repairing the roofs of the Northbrook and Denbigh fire halls. The request for tenders closed on May 13. Cuddy said he received some phone calls, and at least one person said they would submit a tender, but none were received. He, and other members of council, speculated that perhaps contractors found the job to be too small. However, Casey Cuddy also pointed out that a contractor must have proper insurance and WSIB coverage.

He asked Councilor Tony Fritsch if any of the contractors who are presently working on the Addington Highlands Community Centre (AHCC) in Denbigh would qualify, and Fritsch replied that several would.

Council decided to solicit quotes for the tender.

Casey Cuddy also reported that the department has received a JEPP (Joint Emergency Preparedness Program) grant for the re-wiring of a cable to the Denbigh fire hall. The grant covers 55% of the costs.

Deputy Reeve Bill Cox questioned a bill from Ronfeld Electric for work that was done at the Northbrook Family Health Team (FHT). He asked if anyone on council had authorized the work and was told that it was probably requested by the FHT.

Cox replied, “That’s fine, but they’re sending us the bill.” He then said that the township needs a facilities manager.

Reeve Henry Hogg said that Roads Supervisor Royce Rosenblath acts as the township’s facilities manager, but Cox replied that the township has so many buildings that the job is too big for the staff to handle.

Henry Hogg said that to pay Rosenblath to do extra work would cost $5,000 to $6,000 a year, as opposed to $60,000 a year to hire someone for a new position.

Cox reiterated that the township needs to have a separate facilities manager, as Rosenblath already has a full-time position.

Councilor Tony Fritsch commented that council needs to discuss the structure of the township, and council agreed.

Council approved an expenditure of $600 for design drawings for the relocation of the Denbigh library to the AHCC. The township will apply for a Trillium grant for the renovations to move the library, and also to create an accessible entrance and washrooms, and the drawings are needed to prepare estimates for the grant application.

Councilor Fritsch also reported on the progress of the work on the AHCC. The demolition and in-ground plumbing work has been satisfactorily completed and several tenders were received for the Architectural, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC work, which will be opened on Friday. The Denbigh Rec Committee hosted a cleanup day on May 10

A presentation to council about a draft plan for affordable housing in the county has been tentatively scheduled for the July council meeting in Flinton. The presentation will be given by Prince Edward – Lennox & Addington Social Services (PELASS).

Council passed a motion to adopt the budget.




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