| Jan 07, 2010

It has been a tradition at the News at the start of a municipal election year to ask the mayors and reeve of the four townships that we cover regularly in our pages what their intentions are.

They may be gluttons for punishment, but none were willing to close the door on seeking another four years of low pay and high anxiety. A couple are even planning their campaigns already.

Addington Highlands Reeve Henry Hogg said, “Don’t tell my wife, but I’m still thinking about running again. It all depends on how a few initiatives go, how far they get towards resolution.” Hogg mentioned that the Family Health Team in Northbrook is his highest priority for the final year of this current council, as well as fulfilling the role of Lennox and Addington County Warden. Henry Hogg was first elected 25 years ago as a councillor. He has served as reeve on five occasions over the years, for a total of 16 years.

In Frontenac County, North Frontenac Mayor Ron Maguire said he “won’t be making any formal announcement one way before April or May.” He said he wants to go through the budget process first, and would like to see the township broadband project extended and an ambulance be approved for North Frontenac over the next few months before deciding. At the end of this year, Maguire will have served as mayor for seven years.

Central Frontenac Mayor Janet Gutowski intends to run for mayor again. “”I feel there are more things to be done,” she said, “and I still have a lot of enthusiasm for the job. It is still early days but at this point I certainly intend to run.” Gutowski has served on Central Frontenac Council for seven years, the last four as mayor.

South Frontenac Mayor Gary Davison also intends to seek re-election. “I’d like to give it four more years, if that’s what the electors want, and then call it a day. That would be enough for me,” he said. In particular, Davison said he plans to continue working towards full amalgamation of budgeting and services in South Frontenac, which was a major part of his campaign four years ago. “Our first amalgamated budget will be completed this year, and we are working on standardising and improving waste management services. I’d be happy to help move things forward.”

The municipal election campaign will not swing into high gear until the early fall, and the election will take place on November 8, but it will be a sort of hidden agenda item at council meetings throughout 2010. 

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