| Feb 04, 2010

Terry Murphy from Quinte Conservation updated council on various ongoing conservation programs, namely the watershed report cards that will be made for every water course in the Quinte watersheds, and which will be monitored year to year.

Reeve Henry Hogg asked what was happening with the drainage problem with the waterworks in Kaladar. Murphy said that his staff is working with the landowners to come up with a sensible plan to correct the drainage there.

Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch asked if it is the right of Quinte Conservation to ensure that the water keeps flowing and Murphy explained that the issue is somewhat complicated but that private landowners are supposed to get permits before they do any work redirecting water. Hogg was concerned that some landowners are not aware that they need permits before taking matters into their hands.

Regarding the Flinton dam, a $30,000 study started last year was undertaken to assess the structure and includes plans to ensure its safety. Quinte Conservation put out a request for private proposals for those interested in looking into producing hydro from the dam. After reviewing several proposals, an individual from the area has been granted authorization to begin work on producing hydro at the site. No contracts have been signed yet. Murphy estimated that the dam would be able to produce 100kw of green power, enough to supply 10-15 local residences. Quinte Conservation will also be encouraging other private individuals to look at other dams in their area from which to produce more green hydro.

The QC budget for 2010 is the same as last year. Murphy reported that a school program called Streams of Dreams has been a great success and will continue running in area schools.

Helen Yanch then asked if Quinte Conservation would be doing septic inspections. Murphy answered that there are fewer inspectors but that municipalities are welcome to use those they do have.

POLICING REPORT: OPP Inspector Pat Finnegan presented to council the Police Services Board report for November and December 2009.

Constables Pam Cote, Helen Lamonte and Craig Kelso were recognized for their compassion in three separate incidents in the area this past year.

Total calls for service were down in the months of November and December in 2009. Break and enter clearance rates were down to 15.72%. Robbery clearance rates were lower than other averages in Addington Highlands at 33.33%, but Cst. Finnegan pointed out that those numbers would soon change since a number of arrests have been made and others will soon be made.

An in-house training session in domestic violence was carried out for 22 OPP officers. The six-month-long Project Castleford Drug Investigation was concluded on December 8, 2009 and resulted in the arrests of 38 individuals. Finnegan also hopes to see the OPP’s D.A.R.E. program take place in local area schools.

LOLCS REQUEST: Bud Clayton of the Land O’Lakes Community Service (LOLCS) updated council on their ongoing programs, including transportation for seniors, Christmas hamper program, Meals On Wheels, prevention of violence against women, and protective services for physically and mentally challenged individuals. He then requested that in their upcoming budget deliberations, Council consider putting aside $1 per household in Addington Highlands, approximately $2400, for the LOLCS. Council passed a motion to consider the proposal at budget time.

GARDEN CLUB GRANT: Council passed a motion to grant $500 to the Land O'Lakes Garden Club.

HYDRO TO WORK WITH TOWNSHIP CLEARING ROADS: Roads manager Royce Rosenblath reported that his meetings with Hydro One were successful and that Hydro One has agreed to assist with brushing on Ashby Lake and other roads. Hydro One will be cutting all the injured trees around the hydro lines, saving the municipality from a dangerous task, and the municipality will assist with the brushing and clean up. Rosenblath reported that roads are in good condition now since the weather has been moderate of late.


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