Sylvia Bumstead | Feb 04, 2010

Back Row: Domynick McKenzie, Darian Flieler, Jordon Freeburn Front Row: 3rd Place, Brandon Lloyd (Hunting safety) ,  2nd Place: Courtney Johnson (History of Barbie) , 1st place: Emma Benn (Allergies) Photo: Darlene Dacuk

North Addington Education Centre spent the week of February 25-29 showcasing its fabulous public speakers again this year. After the students all presented their speeches at the classroom level, a few were chosen from each grade to continue on to the division level competition in the library at the school. Our new Vice Principal Mr. John Mooney was very impressed with the quality of the speeches and the ability of the students to memorize their material. The following students represented their grades in the library: Riley Kay, Rowan Lemke, Amanda Clancy, Darian Tryon, Rachel Cumming, Kaden Snider, Madi Lessard, Mackenzie Wilson, Kaitlyn Wilson, Madison Lloyd, Max Bumstead, BreTryon, Tim Shire, Madi Lemke, Brittany Wood, Andre Tryon, Emma Benn, Courtney Johnson, Jordon Freeburn, Brandon Lloyd, Darian Flieler and Domenyk McKenzie. The following students received third place medals: Rachel Cumming, Bre Tryon and Brandon Lloyd. The following students received second place medals: Rowan Lemke, Andre Tryon and Courtney Johnson. The following students received first place medals: Riley Kay, Max Bumstead and Emma Benn. Congratulations to all the speakers on a job well done!


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