| Apr 22, 2010

Fritz Nussberger, ken Douglas Board member Shirley Sedore and Ursula Nussberger

It was about three years ago that Susan Andrew Allen and other staff and board members from Land O'Lakes Community Services (LOLCS) were sitting dumbfounded at a meeting of Addington Highlands Council.

They had come to Council seeking zoning approval for an expansion to their offices on Airport Road, near the Pine Meadow Nursing Home.

In considering the request, Council had just determined that the lot where their offices were located was zoned residential. It turned out that not only could they not expand, but they also had to move.

The township gave them two years to find a new home, and the LOLCS board spent quite a bit of time considering their options.

One plan that was in place kept running up against delays and eventually the board realized it was not going to happen.

But finally, they got lucky.

Fritz and Ursula Nussberger were willing to put up a building that included exactly the space that LOLCS needed.

The Nusssbergers, who are well versed in using concrete forms, used the Logix system, an insulated concrete form building system that was available through Hook’s Rona. They also used the Legalett air-heated system for the foundation and in-floor heating for the first time in their long building career.

“We needed to get some training from the Legalett people, who did the engineering, and it all worked out very well,” Usrula said.

The building is highly efficient and well insulated, so heating and cooling are relatively inexpensive.

Land O Lakes Community Services occupies the front of the building, about 3,500 square feet.

“What we have now is a fully accessible building, and there are separate offices for all of our staff members and space for the co-locators who sublet space and reception services from us,” said Susan Andrew Allen, LOLCS Executive Director. “After all the trouble we had, it's good to finally have a home.”

LOLCS offers a basket of social services to residents throughout Addington Highlands and a portion of North Frontenac Township. These include Adult Protective Services, the Community Support Program, the Northern Rural Women's Program, Community Support Services for Seniors (Adult Drop in, Diners Club, Meals on Wheels, transportation, friendly visiting, and caregiver support). A children’s transportation program is being initiated as well.

Eleven LOLCS employees, as well as eight people who work for other agencies, are now working out of the new office. In addition to LOLCS, Cornerstones for Health is also a tenant in the new building, and there is an apartment for rent as well as an additional office space/apartment available.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new LOLCS offices, Ken Douglas reflected on all of the work that was done to organize and maintain the agency over the years, including the efforts of dedicated volunteers and staff.

Courtesy of the Nussbergers, Addison's restaurant provided hors d'oeuvres, including shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, grilled chicken skewers and more. 


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