| Jul 29, 2010

Photo: Dylan and his grandmother Debbie McLeod at the Relay for Life

Dylan Walker continues his fight against cancer.

The six-year-old, who has been battling Neuroblastma since November 2009, has undergone stem cell therapy, massive doses of chemotherapy, and most recently, a course of radiation therapy. He is back at home in Northbrook these days, amid hopes that the tumours that have been removed or shrunk back in his body will not come back.

Frontenac News readers first learned about Dylan in late April when his grandmother contacted us asking if people would consider supporting Dylan’s family financially as they run to Kingston and Toronto for treatments.

“We’ve had a tremendous response,” said Debbie MacLeod this week, “from all over.”

Just this week Debbie learned that a golf tournament to raise funds for Dylan had been held last weekend.

Dylan made an appearance at the Flinton Relay for Life on June 11 that was an inspiration for all of the participants in that event.

As to Dylan’s current health, Debbie said that “his strength is very good, and his recovery has always been very good.”

Dylan is taking pills to help the stem cells develop into normal cells for the next two weeks, and then he will be remaining at home in Northbrook. Hopes are strong that the Neuroblastoma will not come back.

“You can never rest easy with cancer, particularly this kind, but one thing I know about Dylan is that he will fight it with all he has. He isn’t going anywhere if he has a say in it,” said his proud grandmother.

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