Ken Chatson | Sep 02, 2010

Photo:  Robbie McLuckie’s winning team

On August 14, the St. Andrews fundraising committee held a one-pitch ball tournament at the Flinton community centre ball field. Six teams played in the tournament, which started at 8 am and finished at 5 pm. The purpose of the tournament was to raise money for various projects and programs for kids in the local area. With the weather cooperating and great sportsmanship, the tournament was a huge success. The Flinton rec. club ran the canteen, they are raising money for the new roof over the rink at the community centre. After all the regular games were finished the semi-finals and finals took place to see who would be the champions for the day. Robbie McLuckie’s team took 1st place with Terry Tryon’s team as runner up. Both Robbie McLuckie’s and Terry Tryon’s teams made very generous donations to the fundraising committee at the end of the day. As a direct result of the funds raised and the very generous donations, the St. Andrews Fundraising committee was able to give donations to the Mazinaw Lake kids Swim program, the Flinton Rec. Club for the rink roof project, and the Kaladar Community Centre for the Scamp Camp for kids program they run during the summer months. Earlier this year the fundraising committee held various other fundraising events and they were able to make donations to North Addington Education Centre playground equipment project as well as sponsor kids from Arden so they could go to summer camp. All of these donations from the fundraising committee would not have been possible without the support from our local communities, thank you for helping us help our kids.

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