Sylvia Bumstead | Oct 21, 2010

Photo: Viking Spirit!  Photo by Shenice Farmer

N.A.E.C. held their elementary soccer tournament on October 18. North Addington, Land O' Lakes, Hinchinbrooke and Sharbot Lake Public Schools all had two teams in attendance for a terrific day of play. The tournament is for fun only - no prizes are awarded, but valuable practice and a good deal of fun is had by all!! The following students represented N.A.E.C. at the tournament: Josh Blackwell, Austin Fuller, Jordan Brough, Jordon Freeburn, Wyatt Keller, Will Cruickshank, Deven Lessard, Kayden Smith, Johny Badour, Kody Kuruc, Andre Tryon, Brodie Munro, Robert Anderson, Nick Keller, Brandon Lloyd, Darian Flieler, Izaak McFadden, Andrew Freeburn, Randy Shire, Shane Arney, Hannah Cote, Allya Garey, Deanna Allen, Noah Thibodeau, Darian Asselstine, Haily Whitelock, Cayley Wilson, SarahOliver, Nick Flood, Carter Van Riel, Kassandra James, Brittany Wood, Bre Tryon, Cassidy Turk, Cassidy Wood, Megan Brzoska, Taylor Salmond, Brandon Lloyd, and Dwayne Rosien. Thanks to everyone for a short but great soccer season!


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