Angela Bright | Feb 17, 2011

Photo: A bin for wood pellets to be installed at North Addington Education Centre,

Here we are with spring in sight and a good portion of the home heating season behind us, or so we hope. Within the next few weeks, 800 households, 400 each from Addington Highlands and North Frontenac, will have the opportunity to participate in an energy use study headed up by Stewart Fast, a PhD candidate from the University of Ottawa.  "In this study we hope to provide a good overall picture of energy use and learn from residents what types of energy technologies might be acceptable to people in the future", explains Fast.  The first portion of the study residents can play a part in is in the form of a mail-in questionnaire; it takes little time to complete and will come with an addressed-stamped envelope for easy return. You answer the survey anonymously. If you so choose, you can include your name and contact info to be part of the next phase of the project, discussions and focus groups. Once the results have been collated, evening sessions will be set up to present the findings, likely one each in Denbigh, Cloyne, and Ompah. 

"The area seems to be experiencing new types of energy use and production" says Fast, pointing to a rise in the popularity of wood pellet stoves, the installation of solar panels for electricity and the history of test wind turbines near Denbigh. "With many existing hydro dams, windy hilltops and wood from logging, it is certainly possible to imagine more renewable energy production.” 

If your household is in Addington Highlands or North Frontenac and does not receive a questionnaire but you would still like to participate in the study, check out the community research portal by visiting for an on-line version of the survey and more information on the project.



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