| Jan 17, 2018

A request from the Too Far, Too Fast organization for Addington Highlands to declare itself an ‘unwilling host’ for any marijuana distribution operations once it becomes legal July 1 seemed to garner the most discussion at Council’s regular meeting Tuesday afternoon in Flinton.

“Is there any point to declaring ourselves unwilling?” said Coun. Tony Fritsch. “The government did say municipalities would have some input but we haven’t heard from them yet and they likely wouldn’t listen to us anyway.”

“A lot of things are like that,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.

Clerk-treasurer Christine Reed said she understood that the 14 municipalities who would have sales outlets have had some input.

“It used to be with alcohol a municipality could declare itself dry but who’s to stop somebody from going to Kingston or Belleville to get it?” said Dep. Reeve Helen Yanch.

“And what’s in it for us?” said Hogg.

“You mean other than cost?” said Fritsch.

“They’re not telling us anything,” said Coun. Bill Cox. “Will they be giving us anything?”

“I’d like to have some input if it’s available in our area,” said Fritsch.

“Our only option might be to wait until they say ‘hey, Addington Highlands, we’re looking at this in your area,’” said Reed. “We have had a couple of calls about zoning and where you could put a greenhouse.”

“When a taxpayer starts his own business, they call it a ‘grow-op,’” said Cox. “When the government does it, it’s a ‘greenhouse.’”

Community Transportation grant
Clerk-treasurer Christine Reed sought out and received Council’s approval to begin drafting an application to the Community Transportation Grant Program for a five-year grant that would lead to the implementation of of a twice-monthly bus service to various locations such as Napanee, Belleville, Renfrew and Bancroft for various services. The service would be available to the general public and there would be a fee.

She said the funding would be used to cover staffing and administrative costs as well as the busing costs.

Reed said the actual routes are still being determined in consultation with Land O’ Lakes Community Services and the community to determine interest in such a program.

“Thought would have to be given to the sustainability of the program at the end of the five years when the funding was depleted,” she said.

“So, the assumption we’re making is that after five years the fund could be zero because nobody can afford to administer it,” said Coun. Tony Fritsch.

“There used to be bus service every week but we just couldn’t sustain it,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.

Newsletter changes
Clerk-treasurer Christine Reed presented Council with a draft newsletter.

“A lot of people don’t notice the newsletter and it’s been the same for about 10 years so we’re trying a little different format,” she said.

“There’s no mention of my phone number anywhere on it,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.

“It’s on the website and people can call the Township for it,” said Reed.

“They usually call me to find out the Township number,” said Hogg.

“I think it would be wise to put the Council members’ names in,” said Coun. Bill Cox.

“But no pictures,” said Hogg.

“I guess they know who you are since they voted you in,” said Cox.

Dump hours
Roads/bridges supervisor Brett Reavie got Council’s approval to change winter hours of operation at Township dump sites to eliminate operating in the dark.

Although it won’t be immediate, Kaladar will change to 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fridays and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

“There’s no lights and after dark it becomes a safety issue,” Reavie said.

He’s also looking at changing the winter and summer hours at Vennachar and summer hours at MacKavoy for the same reason.

He said they’re still working on snow removal at Weslemkoon and “it’s probably going to be April when we’re done.”

Still with dump sites, Reavie said the Ministry has asked for information on two of the dump sites that were closed.

“They asked for information on Denbigh and Kaladar and that’s what I gave them,” he said.

“There’s a house on one of them,” said Coun. Bill Cox.

Reavie said he has yet to receive any negative feedback on the previous recent changes to dump procedures and fees.

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