Marcella Neely | Aug 10, 2016

This antique doll dates back to the 1890s and resides in the parlor at the Cloyne Pioneer Museum. It was a gift to Ora Wickware from her parents, Philip and Mary. She is a "Flora Dora" doll, made in Germany near the turn of the century. The Wickwares were able to purchase such items during the years that they owned a general store in Cloyne as they had access to an assortment of catalogues. We have a photo of the young Ora standing proudly beside her doll displayed for you to marvel at on your visit. This dear little doll sadly required eye surgery in 2012, as her eyes had sunk into the back of her head and would not come down. She was transported to a doll hospital in Prince Edward County, where a specialist restored her vision and now she is happily back with us. The attending doctor reminds anyone storing an antique doll to lay it on its stomach to prevent this happening. The doctor knows best! More information is available in the museum and on our website Please visit!

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