| May 18, 2016

Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch congratulated Reeve Hogg over his appointment as warden of Lennox and Addington County at a council meeting in Denbigh on Monday night.

“Now we can expect a solution on the Denbigh ambulance issue, right?” said Councilor Bill Cox.

“I have letters from all the surrounding counties, but it may take a while to sort out,” said Hogg. “Stay tuned”.

Contract for paving

The contract for single and double surface paving that were included in this year's budget went to Greenwood Paving of Pembroke, who will also be looking at the parking lot at the Flinton Recreation Centre/township office complex as an extra project. The price quoted by Greenwood was $16,440 per kilometre for single surface, and $32,880 for double surface. The single surface price was just a hair under that of the only other bidder, Miller Group (Smith's Construction), which was $16,470, but the double surface price was substantially lower. The Miller bid was $40,260.

“The good news is that the price is $2,000 lower than last year's price,” said Roads and Waste Management Supervisor, Royce Rosenblath.

“Wasn't the price $3,500 not that long ago?” said Henry Hogg.

“That was quite a while ago, but yes,” said Rosenblath.

Waste site changes coming

In a discussion about the wording in the upcoming township newsletter, the subject of changes to how waste sites operate came up. A proposal to divert all construction waste from the Kaladar site was not approved by Council recently, but since the projected life of the existing waste sites has been shortened by consultants looking at the sites, council will be looking at changes.

“You should just write that changes to waste site operations are pending in the newsletter,” said Rosenblath to Clerk/Treasurer Christine Reed.

“Sounds reasonable,” said Councilor Kirby Thompson.

Free use of meeting room

The meeting room in the basement of the Flinton Hall will be used by organizers of the Flinton Jamboree free of charge. In approving the request, Reeve Hogg said that the township should receive financial statements from public groups asking for free use of facilities for non-profit events.

“I know they tend to not be incorporated; they are just community groups, but we should see something,” he said.

Support for Lyme disease research but not for wake ban

Council supported a motion circulated by the municipality of Niagara Region asking the province to increase funding for Lyme disease research.

A motion from the Township of Perry asking the federal Minister of Transportation to implement legislation that would provide authorities with the ability to enforce a “No Wake” restriction in Ontario's navigable waters, was just received for information.

“I would have supported it,” said Reeve Hogg, “except they asked the federal minister to make rules for only Ontario, which does not make sense.”

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