Dennis Richard | Mar 23, 2016

It's a tradition that has its origin with the sailors of Chesapeake Bay. After wearing the same socks all winter, it would be time to burn them once spring had arrived. Well, the spring equinox did arrive at 12:30am EDT March 20. Friends of Brown's Camp and Sail Mazinaw gathered Sunday at the home of Tina and Dana Richard on Addington Rd 5 for the 1st Annual Mazinaw Sock Burn. It was chilly for the first day of spring and Mazinaw Lake was still completely covered with ice. In fact, the cold temperatures had the lake ice moaning and complaining. The sock burning ritual was a sign of the approaching sailing season.

It was good fun and is likely to become a Mazinaw nautical tradition. Sandi Brown suggested that the 2017 sock burn should include food and beverages.

The 2016 edition of Sail Mazinaw is scheduled for Saturday July 9. Sailors are encouraged to bring their boats and their boards to Mazinaw Lake this summer to join the flotilla. Check the Sail Mazinaw Facebook page for more details.

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