Natalie Reynolds | Mar 16, 2016

On March 10, North Addington Education Centre held an indoor Winter Carnival. The event was supposed to take place in late February, but due to a series of snow days, their “winter” carnival became more of a “spring” carnival.

There were six activities in total: A food station where students were treated to hot chocolate and cookies made by Mr. Defosse’s hospitality class; “Strike a Pose”, a photo challenge; “Melting Iceburg”, a team-building activity where students found creative ways to fit on a constantly shrinking tarp; and a Scrabble activity, where students fetched letters that were hidden across the hallway, competing to create five words.

High school teacher, Mr. Sissons, was impressed with how the high school student helpers handled the event. “The best part was the way the high school students manned the events. It was awesome and pretty much flawless. If there was anything that needed to be adapted, they adapted to it right away and made changes on the fly to make the events run smoothly. We wrote down the errors that we had and are using them to go forward for the next event.”

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