| Oct 29, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - October 29, 2009 Old cars and wildlife feature of Flinton artist’s show.By Jeff Green

Painting, Another Time, by Done Wise

Don Wise started drawing cars when he was 7 or 8 and has never really stopped. When he was a teenager he sent designs in periodically to Chrysler Corporation.

He eventually embarked on a career at Tweed Steel, where he worked for 32 years after meeting his wife Lois (nee Reavie) in Flinton in the mid-seventies.

“I kept painting, more as a hobby than anything else, over the years - mostly rural scenes, birds, wildlife, but my favourite is cars,” Don Wise said.

Since he has been retired, Wise has been making about 30-35 paintings a year, and he has been holding an Open House each year in November to show and sell his paintings to family and friends. This year he will be opening up the show to the general public.

His work is characterized by a bit of rural nostalgia, which is exemplified (see below) by his preoccupation with '40s and '50s vintage cars that have been left to sit in barns and fields.

Don Wise doesn't only paint cars, however, he has also tried his hand at fixing them up. He once rebuilt a '67 Mustang and he has plans to rebuild a '61 Thunderbird that he has picked up. But painting always gets in the way, and over the next little while he is considering offers to begin showing his work in galleries in Kingston or Ottawa.

Don Wise will be showing his work on November 7 and 8 from noon to 4pm at 1219 Elzevir Road in Flinton. For more information call 613-336-3431 or visit www.donwiseart.com

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