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Waterfront taxes unfair, Jim Kirkland

Pigs Cry Real Tears, Debbie Lashley

Re: “Tricky Intersection To Stay As Is”, Kelly Kalthorpe

Greased Pig Contest Inhumane, Leslie Cronk

Waterfront taxes unfair

This letter is in reference to the article written regarding the increase in taxes in Central Frontenac County. It referred to residents who live with water frontage and their tax increase, and residents who live in-land or without water frontage and who will not have a tax increase.

I would like to respond to that article and as well discuss three items: increased taxes, fair taxes and what you get for your taxes.

The residents with water frontage will be charged a 10% increase each year for the next four years. This clearly is unfair and is discrimination against the waterfront residents. They are in no better a financial position to pay this increase than in-land residents. There have been some residents that have had to sell their property due to high taxes. The tax increase should be evenly increased among all residents. Ten per cent increase; I wish my pension increased 10% each year over the next four years!

What are we really getting for our taxes? Have you ever driven on Elm Tree Road? We drive a total distance of 32km there and back to deliver our garbage to the dump and then have to pay $1 per bag to drop it there. Who pays for my gas? We installed our own well and septic system, which we pay to maintain each year. We pay for our own snow removal.

It’s time for the municipality to start treating all residents fairly, as well as working harder with the budget and the money they have instead of tax increase, increase, increase.

Jim Kirkland

Pigs Cry Real Tears

I am writing this letter to share my opinion on the Parham’s Fair’s decision to hold a pig greasing event. I realize that this is an old tradition but come on… its 2009.. this is not okay!!!

Anyone who finds this funny and entertaining needs to get a life and the organizers should be ashamed of themselves for agreeing to allow animals to be mistreated. I don’t believe for one minute that these helpless creatures are not frightened and scared.

What a terrible message it sends to the children who are watching. My Parham friends are disgusted and many of their friends are as well. They did not attend this year.

For those who do care…pigs cry real tears.

The organizers should use their heads instead of buckling under a few who will never get it!

Debbie Lashley, Carleton Place

Re: “Tricky Intersection To Stay As Is”

In a news article, that related to the South Frontenac Council Meeting on August 4, I was at first relieved, to know that other people realize the danger of the intersection on Highway 38 in Harrowsmith. However, I was shocked to read that Council agreed in a vote of 7-2, that since, “nothing’s ever happened,” at that tricky intersection, we will continue to do….nothing.

I am a mother of three who apparently lives on the “wrong” side of Highway 38. Since my children were infants I have crossed Highway 38 with strollers, bicycles and many, many close calls. I have even witnessed a very close call last summer at the same intersection where older children were crossing the highway on their bikes. The sad fact is, in order to get my mail, to get milk from our local business, to take my children to the park or even to school, we are faced with the daunting task of trying to cross Highway 38 in one piece. We frequently hear the term, “rural sustainability”, but how can you expect young families to remain in a community where their children are not able to safely walk to the corner store or the park?

I am very disappointed in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality of South Frontenac Council. I don’t know what the answer is to fix this problem, but it would have been very interesting to hear the results of an unbiased study. I agree…$30,600 is a lot of money to spend, but if it would give the residents a definitive answer to the riddle of the intersection on Highway 38, then I support it.

-Kelly Calthorpe

Greased Pig Contest Inhumane

Jenny Badour - I am with you! You have a household of people here that believe the Greased Pig Contest is something that should have remained in the past. From the article in NF News, I see that there was a complaint in 1908. I guess people have not learned anything in 101 years.

I have heard the argument that this is nothing different than catching them to load them onto the meat truck. I would have to say that this does not make it right. I hope I am not alone in seeing how ludicrous this argument is.

This is not entertainment. Circuses are not entertainment. Anything that causes distress to an animal so we as humans can have a laugh is just not right. For the life of me, I cannot understand why people cannot see this.

Leslie Cronk

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