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Elphin rocks!, Jen Robertson

Elphin rocks!

"If the price is right, they will come", and the weather co-operates. A perfect decision by Rick Killingbeck for the 9th Annual Elphinfest. The 10 bands were super and the music was varied so everyone could enjoy. The Master of Ceremonies "Tip Romain" not only announced the various bands by microphone but added a personal touch by mingling with the crowd, playing his guitar while the bands set up. As usual the acoustics by "Raul" were excellent. Surprise artist "Brandon Bones" played captivating music on his drums. You are to be congratulated, once again, Rick, for your dedication each year and organization of this Fest, so the community can enjoy it. Last but not least, the take-out food was superb. As the sun set and dusk fell, the bonfire was lit and all was well.

Jen Robertson, Ompah summer resident

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