| Sep 24, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - September 24, 2009 NAEC Goes to CampBy Valerie Allan

On September 10 and 11, the Grade 9 class from NAEC went to RKY Camp in Parham with their Grade 12 mentors.  This event is a repeat of the highly successful event last year, when Grade 9 students and their mentors took part in team-building and trust-building exercises.  

The students and their teachers went kayaking, tackled the High Ropes and participated in “leadership games”—all focusing on developing effective communication.  On Friday, everyone participated in canoeing, Low Ropes and the climbing wall.

Eight staff members accompanied the students and thoroughly enjoyed the activities.  Sheila Perry, a long-time Education Assistant at NAEC remarked, “I was so impressed with the level of participation from all the students, as well as the staff.  The program was organized very professionally.”

“It was a great time and I made a lot of new friends,” commented Courtney Dacuk, one of the Grade 12 mentors.  Addison Evans, a Grade 9 student, said, “The camp counselors were very nice, and the activities were awesome!”

Following last year’s pattern, Mr. Sissons’ Grade 12 Leadership class will provide mentorship through the semester to help the Grade 9 students adjust to life in high school. The mentoring is designed to help students do well academically and socially.

Angela Salmond, Vice-Principal at NAEC pointed out, “We had a very successful group of Grade 9s last year, and we believe the RKY experience and mentoring was part of that success.  We decided to continue because of this and because it helps foster a positive school culture.” 

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