| Sep 10, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - September 10, 2009 South Frontenac Councilby Wilma Kenny

Waste management in South Frontenac

Controversy arose at a Commitee of the Whole meeting on September 8 in South Frontenac over a recommendation from the Sustainability Committee: “that separate garbage charges to households be eliminated and that all net waste management expenses be funded from general taxation, effective next year.”

Currently, residents in all districts pay a garbage levy: Portland - $125, Loughborough $125.25, Storrington $145, and Bedord $25.

Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth said “this means waste management would be treated like any other service or utility such as fire, roads, etc.”

Councilor Del Stowe argued against using the property assessment/mill rate system, saying it would be unfair to more expensive properties, as they would have to pay more.

Councilor John Fillion agreed, saying he thought the total net cost of waste management should be divided equally among the 10,000 township residential properties, (both full-time and seasonal) and shown as a separate charge on the tax bills. The consensus was to follow Fillion’s plan.

Garbage and Recycling Collection for Bedford

Two other recommendations from Sustainability were better received: 1) That garbage tags beyond the 50 issued annually should be sold for $2 and 2) That Garbage & Recycling collection be extended to Bedford District where practical, by September 1, 2010. This was agreed to, but refined by defining “where practical” to mean those roads travelled by the school bus.

Proposed criteria for evaluating requests for lowering speed limits

Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth recommended council adopt criteria to evaluate requests for lowered speed limits. At present, his department has requests relating to more than half a dozen areas. Several councilors suggested that criteria already existed. Councilor Vandewal said he wasn’t in favour of lowering speed limits, especially on arterial roads:

Segsworth said the majority of the requests were for secondary roads, as a safety concern for children.

The matter will return next month.


Mike Howe, Chair of the Loughborough District Recreation Committee, asked council to consider establishing an account to accept capital recreation fund donations so community groups can go ahead with fundraising for improvements to facilities.

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