| Aug 06, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - August 6, 2009 New Sharbot Lake Home Building Centre By Jeff Green

Jas and Suki Kaillon

Jas and Suki Kaillon have made a change at their Sharbot Lake lumber yard and hardware store. As of August 1 the Sharbot Lake Timbr Mart became the Sharbot Lake Home Building Centre.

“People can expect the same level of service as we have always delivered over the years,” said Jas “and we want to thank all of the customers who have supported us over that time.”

The change has come about in order to enhance the hardware end of the business. Timbr-Mart is the largest supplier of building supplies in Canada but when it came to hardware, Jas and store staff had to spend too much time sourcing items from a variety of suppliers, and selection has sometimes been an issue.

“I spent a lot of my time keeping track of the ordering,” said Jas, “but now with Home

Hardware, everything will come from one warehouse.” The store will also be able to

bring in virtually every item in the home Hardware catalogue for delivery within a few days. This will enable the Sharbot Lake customers to purchase appliances and other large items that were never available at the store before.

“We will be able to give the public a better level of product and a more complete service,” said Kaillon

For now, the only visible change in the store is the Home Building Centre banner in the front, but gradually as the shelves empty, the Home Hardware product line will be introduced. The store held an unofficial opening on August 1, and will probably do a larger opening later this year.

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