| Jul 23, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - July 23, 2009 Central Frontenac Soccer: A winning season wraps up!By Lynette Whan

On July 18 & 19 the Central Frontenac Soccer Association held the year-end tournament.  Players took to the field at Sharbot Lake High School, bringing all their skills that they’ve developed over the season. Every player received a trophy for their participation.  Scores from each game are listed below: 

SQUIRT DIVISION: Game 1 -  Canadian Tire White/Red Scrimmage

ATOM DIVISION: Game 1 - Regal defeats PharmaChoice 7-0; Game 2 - Sharbot Lake Lawn Service defeats Regal 4-2; Game 3 - Sharbot Lake Lawn Service defeats PharmaChoice  7-1

MOSQUITO DIVISION: Game 1- Robinson Solutions defeats Fit Plus 6-4; Game 2 - Robinson Solutions defeats Drapeau Automatic Sprinkler Company 6-3; Game 3 - Fit Plus defeats Drapeau Automatic Sprinkler Company 9-1.

BANTAM DIVISION: Game 1 - Tarasick Carpentry ties Rising Bun 8-8; Game 2 - Ralph’s Grave Diggers defeats Tarasick Carpentry 5-4; Game 3 - Rising Bun defeats Ralph’s Grave Diggers 5-2

What a season! The coaches dedicated one or more nights each week for the past two and a half months to leading and teaching their team. Great referees assisted in making these games fair. And of course, the players gave it all! What an improvement in the teams from the beginning of the season until the tournament this past weekend. Interested in joining the Central Frontenac Soccer Association? Watch for our wrap-up meeting notice in the paper or join us in the spring for another great season.

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