| Jun 11, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - June 11, 2009 Young local grandmothers group still givingBy Julie Druker

“Grandmothers by the Lake” members Marnie Pedersen, Susan Howlett, Carol Taylor-Southall, Audrey Tarasick, Sondra Feasby and Sylvia Powers

Grandmothers by the Lake, the local Grandmothers helping African Grandmothers Group, is into its second year of fundraising efforts. The group was founded by President Carol Southall last year and has grown to 18 members from its original 12.

Associated with the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which brought national awareness of the plight of the millions of African children who have been orphaned by the African AIDS epidemic and the countless African grandmothers who are now struggling to care for them, the group is one of many national grandmothers’ groups that have been formed to support their sister grandmothers in Africa.

On the weekend, Grandmothers by the Lake held their annual plant and bake sale at the Tiffany Gift Shoppe in Harrowsmith. The effort was another resounding success and with the help of local shoppers the group raised over $1000 for the cause.

This is the first of many summer fundraisers and the next time you will have a chance to donate to the cause will be at the Verona Festival in August, where the local grannies will be setting up a booth.

Ann Elvins has been an ardent supporter of the local grandmothers group since their inception roughly one year ago.

It is the second time she has hosted the event at her store in Harrowsmith and she is forthright regarding her support. “I feel very strongly that the Stephen Lewis Foundation is helping a lost generation in Africa.”

To make a donation or to join the Grandmothers by the Lake please call Carol Southall at 613-375-8883

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