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Back to HomeFeature Article - June 4, 2009 NAEC Students Pulling for Biodiversityby Melissa Randle

On May 22, 32 NAEC students traveled to Lemoine Point Conservation Area in Kingston to participate in the Great Garlic Mustard Pull and International Biodiversity Day. The students spent two hours combing a five-hectare portion of Lemoine Point for garlic mustard, which is an invasive species in Ontario. They were able to collect ninety bags of garlic mustard total. The day was sponsored by the Friends of Lemoine Point Invasive Species Control Group and the Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network.

International Biodiversity Day is a day dedicated to increasing understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. Every year there is a different focus and 2009 focused on invasive species. Garlic mustard is an invasive species that outgrows and outcompetes native species of plants in areas like Lemoine Point, causing a decrease in biodiversity. Manual removal of garlic mustard will help stop the spread of garlic mustard and will allow native species to return to the area.

Vice principal Angela Salmond said, “Although this day provided a great service to Lemoine Point, it also provided our students with a great learning opportunity. We were very pleased and proud to have our students participate in such a worthwhile opportunity. Our students demonstrate time and time again that they understand the importance of being "global citizens" and it is days like this that allow them to do what they can to make a difference.”

Pictures from International Biodiversity Day activities can be found on the Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network site under Past Events.

NAEC goes for gold by Melissa Randle and Elizabeth Hasler

Assemblies at NAEC this year with assemblies have had an environmental focus, like this one about about Birds of Prey

North Addington Education Centre is among the first Limestone District School Board schools to get certified with Ontario EcoSchools. NAEC has received Gold certification for 2009.

North Addington Education Centre recently applied for EcoSchool certification along with three other schools in Limestone District School Board. EcoSchools is an environmental education program in Ontario that helps students and schools to become more environmentally friendly. To become a certified EcoSchool the school must show achievement in energy conservation, waste minimization, ecological literacy and school ground greening. The GOLD standing is the highest level and NAEC was the only school in the Limestone DSB to receive this standing!

NAEC showed their commitment to the environment throughout the 2008-2009 school year. A paper and a container recycling program was implemented. The EcoTeam also held events including Earth Hour, Earth Day, and a Swap Shop at Open House. Students at NAEC have shown that they care for the environment by continuing to recycle and to turn off the lights and computer monitors when not in use. The environment has been a focus at NAEC this year with assemblies about Birds of Prey, guest speakers talking about biology and environmental sustainability and field trips to conservation areas.

EcoSchools is a voluntary program led by teachers and volunteers at schools across Ontario. The EcoTeam at NAEC is led by Melissa Randle and Elizabeth Hasler. NAEC will receive a plaque later this spring to acknowledge their hard work.

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