| May 07, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - May 7, 2009 South Frontenac Township Council  By Wilma Kenny

South Frontenac passed their 2009 budget with little discussion.

Councilor John Fillion said that when he moved at a previous meeting to lower Storrington's budget by $80,000, in order to bring down the tax rate in that district, he had not intended the money to come out of the reserve fund. Councilors Ron Vandewal and David Hahn said that they had understood Fillion's intent was to use reserve monies. Vandewal noted there was nowhere else to get the money without cutting programs.

The tax increase for the township as a whole will be 1.382%, with the district breakdown as follows: Bedford 1.906%, Loughborough 1.554%, Portland 0.979%, and Storrington, .841%.

DOG POUND SERVICES: Council renewed their agreement with the Kingston Humane Society for provision of pound services to the township, with the fee per dog raised from $35 to $45. The fee is only paid by the township if the dog is not claimed by its owner. The previous agreement has been in effect unchanged since 1999. CAO Burns noted that this agreement was much more economical than the township trying to establish its own pound.

BEAR CREEK CULVERT: This is an old box timber culvert on the Perth Road which is badly in need of replacement. Works Manager Mark Segsworth noted there had been lot of interest on the part of contractors, and three final bids. He recommended the tender be awarded to Gordon Barr Construction for a total of $478,794.

The road will be surface treated this fall, given time to settle, then fully surfaced next year, as "there's 12 feet of muck to the bottom," said Segsworth.

Councilor Ron Vandewal asked whether, due to uncertainties, there might be a need for contingency funds. Segsworth agreed that the job will be challenging, but added that jobs like this don't usually have contingencies in their budgets.

SURFACE TREATMENT TENDER: The surface treatment tender for approved roads was awarded to Smiths Construction for $975,389. There was discussion of the high price of asphalt, and Councillor Vandewal

asked whether the works manager thought it might be worthwhile for the township to purchase the equipment to do their own road surfacing. Segsworth agreed that it could be done, but there were a number of issues related to staffing and budgeting that would have to be considered in detail first.

MUNICIPAL BUILDING ACCESSIBILITY: Human Resources and Skills Canada has announced grants of 100% funding, up to $50,000, to improve accessibility to municipal buildings. The grants have a one-week window between their announcement and their closing dates. Building Official Alan Revill has put together a proposal for installing automatic opening doors in the municipal building in Sydenham, at Princess Anne Building in Hartington, at Sunbury Centre (library entrance), and at Keeley Road, the treasury office & works garage, along with some ramp modifications. If approved, this will help the township meet the provincial accessibility requirements, which come into effect in 2010.

A NEW RECORD? Council concluded their business in 47 minutes: there was no “in camera” session.

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