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Re: CF Council Visioning Sessions, Larry Chiarot

Re: CF Council Visioning Sessions

It was gratifying to read that the Central Frontenac Council (see CF Council, April 23) has decided that a 'Public Visioning Session' will take place soon.

It was also gratifying to hear the Central Frontenac Railway Museum mentioned, however in error. The proposal of the Railway Museum/Library/Office Space was put before Council first, seven years ago, and several times since, not TWO as stated.

A comment in Council doubted that the site of the Railway Museum would accommodate ample parking and septic space. Take a closer look at the existing office and the kind of space that presently exists.

Notwithstanding the fact the site of the proposed Railway Museum is owned by the Township, and that the building would accommodate a library and office space - which would open the ' basement of the Township building, and get rid of the 'portables', and re-open the parking spaces, and further, that the new building would cost the Township Zero Dollars, because needed funds for the building would be raised by the Central Frontenac Railway Museum Committee for a building that would be owned by the Township.....but enough said.

Once again, I was pleased that the Central Frontenac Railway Museum was mentioned by Council, and that a 'Public Visioning Session' will soon take place.

Larry Chiarot

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