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Thanks for the coverage, Ron Hipfner

Re: Hollywood Blockbuster Films In Frontenac County, Rachel Cooper

Thanks for Your Support, Janice Conway, Leslie Pickard

Thanks for the Coverage

As you covered (very well!) in your March 19 issue, the website of the Greater Sydenham Community Association is www.tgsca.ca. The Harrowsmith WI article Apr 23 had it incorrectly.

An aside: gsca.ca is owned by a website name squatter, who's got over a hundred names for sale. He wouldn't accept a low-ball offer.

Ron Hipfner

Re: Hollywood Blockbuster Filming in Frontenac County, April Fool's 2009)

When I heard Twilight was filming a cliff scene at Bon Echo, I literally screamed at the top of my lungs. I spent two weeks going on a Twilight Binge. Every conversation was about Twilight filming New Moon. Whatever I got had to be Twilight, thinking about Twilight, talking about Twilight, reading about Twilight, watching about Twilight. When I had a school project on the characteristics of a biography, I chose - you guessed it -Twilight! I even made my own little Twilight group with my friends. We would brainstorm and share ideas about what was ordinary and that we could change to Twilight, like: Twilight phones, Twilight combs, Twilight socks, Twilight basketballs! But…when I heard it was an April Fool’s joke…my whole world turned upside down. My heart dropped, I dropped and my whole life flashed before my eyes. And now my dream has been crushed by a JOKE! I’m serious - CRUSHED, DESTROYED, TERMINATED!

P.S. I demand an apology. Please write an article about the pain and sadness you have caused just by little tiny jokes!

Rachel Cooper, Age 11

Thanks Four Your Support

On April 9 our Relay for Life team, The Racing Queens, held a teen dance to raise money for the Relay for Life event on June 12 at the Parham Fairgrounds. The dance was held at the Lions Hall in Verona. The event was very successful and we would like to take this time to thank all the wonderful people and organizations that made this dance possible. Your generosity makes our community a wonderful place to live.

Thank you also to all the GREAT teens who came to the dance. You guys were so nice and without you it would not have been as much fun!

The dance was such a success that we have decided to have another one in Sharbot Lake on May 29! We hope to see you all again. Come out and dance your sneakers off!

Team Captain Janice Conway,

Co-captain Lesley Pickard,

The Racing Queens

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