| Apr 02, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - April 2, 2009 Music & fashion at Sharbot Lake HSBy Julie Druker

Models and makers of "Anything Citrus" clothing at SLHS

It was a chance to shine for Sharbot Lake High School students on Saturday night.

The chili bubbled in pots as students, many for their first time ever took to the stage playing and singing their favorite cover tunes. Sammi Stencell made her debut stage appearance and sang Mona Lisa. Sonni Teal sang and Dan Powell played their original composition called “A Broken Heart, Me, in a Pair of Wings”.

Students from Geoff Murray’s “Anything Fabric” course were joined by staff and other local models of all ages who wore the “Anything Citrus” line of clothing they made this semester in the course. The garments modeled were stylish and very professional, composed of streamlined, tight-fitting casual garments, which were inspired by the multi-million dollar line of Lulu Lemon yoga wear

Murray designed the patterns, which included pants, tops, turtle necks, dresses, shorts, skirts, wraps and capris, all made from a cotton jersey/lycra blend that is extremely stretchy and comfortable.

Model and maker Stephanie Riley completed a number of garments in the course, adding some of her own personal flourishes. She thoroughly enjoyed the course and is hoping to continue with her fashion studies after graduating from high school.

Dave Gervais, who organized the musical part of the evening, took to the stage himself and showed off his musical chops. Between numbers he spoke to me about the importance of this kind of event for the students. “It helps boost their confidence and self esteem and encourages them.” He credited principal Janet Sanderson for allowing these types of events to occur.

Geoff Murray reiterated this idea. “This is the first type of fashion show ever and we’re trying to make the show more about the participant than the voyeur”.

Judging from the turnout, the event, which included copious amounts of delicious home-cooked chili, not only raised funds for student council but was a valuable opportunity for students to show off their many talents. Hopefully it will become a regular annual event. ■

Photos: 3447 & 3445: 

3430- Dave Gervais and student perform

3439-Daniel Powell and Sonni Teal perform an original at SLHS

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