| Mar 19, 2009

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New faces at the Greater Sydenham Community Association's AGM

The Greater Sydenham Community Association representing the communities of Perth Road Village, Harrowsmith and Sydenham held a general meeting on March 11 to update their recent accomplishments and initiatives.

According to chair Lori Reed, a total of three applications have been put forth to fund three separate initiatives.

The first was to fund the GSCA’s website which has been developed by GSCA member Ron Hipfner of Computer Trustee Services in Sydenham.The lack of web visibility for the area was one fact noted by the Marmora group that reported on the GSC in the community exchange program that happened in earlier 2008.

The website is now up and running though not entirely complete. It includes historical attractions in the area, an events calendar, a business directory and a listing of community groups and services. Members of the association are listed on the site and their web links will also be provided.

The Association’s second initiative was put forth in partnership with the municipality of South Frontenac and concerned Point Park in Sydenham. Reed explained, “It was basically all of the user groups getting together and brainstorming, creating a wish list and hiring an architect to put it into picture play.” That meeting took place March 22 with architect Hughes Downey and user groups. They looked at an earlier 2002 plan for the park and considered the wish lists of the various user groups.

Regarding that meeting Reed stated, “There will be a report and a cost analysis done and as soon as we get those details, the intention is to share that in an open forum.” She stressed, “This plan is not a it’s plan that’s set in stone …, the public community at large will be involved in making suggestions.” Results from the meeting will be posted on the website as soon as they come available.

The third initiative set forth was for directional signage. For Harrowsmith the signs will be placed north and south bound on Hwy 38, east and west on Rutledge Road, northbound on Sydenham Road and north and south bound on Highway 10.

According to Reed, the directional sign project is well underway and funding was received from Frontenac CFDC. The signs will be erected after the spring thaw.

Members of the Harrowsmith and Perth Road community were invited to the meeting to share with the work they do in their specific communities. Val Ruttan, who belongs to a number of community groups including the Portland District and Area Heritage Society, along with Joyce Watson of the Harrowsmith Women’s Institute and Pam Morey of the Harrowsmith S & A Club each spoke of their organizations and the types of services they offer.

Also present was Mike Howe, chair of Parks and Recreation for Loughborough District who spoke about events at the point.

Other subjects discussed included increasing membership, increasing sharing of community information, fundraising possibilities, updating the GSCA Directory for March 31 (since that will represent the end of the fiscal year) and changing regular meetings to quarterly occurrences. There was also talk of making the meetings more celebratory in nature in an effort to get more community members out.

The next GSCA meeting will take place the second Wednesday in June.

For more information and/or to join the association please visit their new website at www.tgsca.ca

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