| Feb 26, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - February 26, 2009 “Lord! What Fools these Mortals Be” NFLT’s  Midsummer Night’s Dream By Chava Field-Green

As the end of February nears and our feet still chill in their wool socks and boots, the promise of a midsummer night is a happy escape from the cold. Since the beginning of January thespians from across Frontenac County have come together almost every Monday and Wednesday night to rehearse the magical soap opera comedy that is a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

And because the audience has almost two months to go before the Dream can warm the cockles of their hearts…or their toes. Here’s a first look at the Shakespearian characters.

Theseus, played by Cam Kenny, is the duke of Athens, who has just returned from war with his prize, buxom warrior maiden Hippolyta, (Angie Cowdy).

Peter Platenius plays Egeus, a high-ranking Athenian, who comes to the duke with a dilemma involving his headstrong daughter Hermia. Chava Field-Green portrays Hermia, who has chosen to marry her love Lysander (Jordan Crivellaro) over her father’s choice of Demetrius (Dylan McConkey) – a disobedience punishable by death.

As if the love triangle wasn’t complicated enough. Hermia’s childhood friend Helena played by Danielle Quenneville is very much in love with Demetrius, and is not only incredibly self-deprecating but also very jealous of Hermia.

Enter the fairy prankster Puck, brought to life by Kaitlyn Hannah, who mischievously toys with the young lovers’ hearts. He is loosely controlled by his master, Oberon, King of the fairies (Brian Robertson). Oberon’s Queen, Titania, also falls victim to Puck and Oberon’s mischief when, strong-willed herself, she refuses Oberon’s wishes. Titania is played by Martina Field and her fairies are played by Pam Giroux, Kelsea Babcock, Debbie Lingen, Cody Steeves and Dayna Stone.

Meanwhile back in Athens, a group of tradespeople prepare a play for the duke’s wedding. The group is led by Peter Quince (Danny Sullivan) who is the most intelligent of the group - which is not saying a whole lot. Nick Bottom, aptly named for being at the bottom of the intelligence pool, is played by Paddy O‘Connor. Jayme Blondin, Japhy Sullivan, and Daniel Powell round out the hilarious troupe who play a lion, a wall/moon and the fair lady Thisbe respectively.

The production is under the direction of Inie Platenius, with a little help from her friend John McDougall as assistant director. Barb Rogers is producing, and Mary-Lou Quenneville is stage-managing.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be performed April 30, May 1, 2, 3, at the Sharbot Lake High School Auditorium. Check the News for further previews as we near the performances. 

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