| Feb 19, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - February 19, 2009 Trent University Volleyball showcases local athletesby Christine Teal

Josh and Becci Neadow & Nelson Hannah

What are the chances that two siblings from the Parham/Tichborne area would be playing on the same university’s volleyball team in the same year? Then, throw in the chance that their first cousin is playing there, too. Well, that is exactly the case for Joshua and Rebecca Neadow and their cousin, Nelson Hannah!

Joshua Neadow (son of Harry and Mary Joy Neadow) is currently in his third year at Trent University, as well as his third year on the volleyball squad. He is studying for an honours degree in history with geography as his minor. Upon graduation, Josh is hoping to attend teachers’ college, as it is his life-long dream to become an educator and influence our future leaders by creating a safe and educational environment for children to prosper.

Josh is 6’ tall and is #2 on the team. He plays the libero on the team, which means he is a defensive specialist. He only plays in the back court and he is relied on in the pass rotation to provide perfect passes to allow the offense to be productive and effective. Since he is only allowed to play in the backcourt, it is his duty to dig hard driven balls and save points where he can by ensuring the ball does not hit the floor on his team’s side of the court. Currently (as of December 2008) Josh is leading the league in digs with 73, and has set a personal goal to try to achieve a minimum of 120 digs this season. Last season, Josh was on the Eastern All Star Team and went to Provincials. As well, last season he was second in Ontario for digs!

Nelson Hannah (son of Bert Hannah & Caroline O’Connor) is #12 and plays middle for the Men’s team. He is 6’6” tall and was a member of the SLHS team, which placed second in Provincials. This is Nelson’s first year at Trent and therefore, his first year on the team and he, too, wants to be a teacher.

For the first time in the 5 years of Trent Men’s volleyball the team has been nationally ranked. Before Christmas, they are seated 11th in Canada and third in the province of Ontario. The record at this time is 8-1, and the only loss they have experienced was at the hands of the number one provincially ranked team, Algonquin. The Trent women were ranked 3rd in Ontario.  Both teams enter first round of playoffs this past weekend.

The team goal for this year is to finish first in the province; which is possible since they are a well-rounded team and have lots of depth. They also hope to rank within the top three at nationals.

Rebecca (daughter of Harry & Mary Joy Neadow) or Becci as she is known, is in her first year at Trent University in the Con-Ed program- which means that she will spend 4 years at Trent and earn an Honours Degree in History then go to Queen's for Teacher’s College. She is already taking "teaching classes" and doing placements at her old schools (a week in the grade 8 class with Mr. Gilbertson at SLHS and a week in Mr. Kent's grade 2 class at HPS). When she’s finished she hopes to get a job in a small country school. Becci is #3 and is 5’ 8” tall and plays power on the volleyball team. This is a great accomplishment as this is her first year at Trent and her first year on the team! She was recently voted Junior Captain by her senior teammates!! Great Job!

All three of these athletes played for Sharbot Lake High School!! Talk about impressive - I guess the athletic gene runs strong in this family!!  Great work guys!  They are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks to Josh, Becci and Mary Joy for providing this information!

If anyone is interested in viewing ranking and statistical information concerning Trent University Volleyball, they can access this information through the OCAA website www.ocaa.com, or if they are interested in becoming a Trent University Student Athlete please visit www.trentu.ca/athletics.

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