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Feature Article - March 6, 2008

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Feature Article - March 6, 2008 South Frontenac Council – Mar 4/08By Wilma KennySydenham Water: Annual Report

Kevin Riley of Utilities Kingston presented Council with the 2007 annual report of the Sydenham Water Treatment Plant. Three issues stood out.

The trihalomethane (THM) levels are still not consistently within the range considered acceptable by the province. THMs form when chlorine interacts with organic matter, and one of the three major THM compounds presents a threat to women in the first trimester of pregnancy.In December 07, a new coagulant was introduced with the goal of further reducing the organic matter in the filtered water. Although initial tests were promising, two recent samples have been high. Riley noted that the low rate of flow means it takes several weeks to move enough water through the system to be able to accurately test the results of any changes made at the plant. This, combined with laboratory turn-around time, means that it is almost a month before the results of any attempts at improvement are known. Riley says it will be easier to keep the system in balance once it has more users. In his notes to council, CAO Burns said the Ministry of the Environment has requested that they develop a secondary plan to address the THMs, and Utilities Kingston has suggested that they engage the firm of XCG Kingston to assist in preparing such a plan, if the current adjustments are not successful. They are waiting for test results from the most recent adjustment.Lead testing has been required by the province, and Sydenham is required to test the water of twenty users in Sydenham before April 30. They are looking for volunteers: phone the township offices at 613-376-3027, if interested.Pump Problem: The water system has three pumps that are used in the high lift section of the facility. All three are showing premature and severe pitting or “cavitation” of the impellers. The cost to redo the pumps is $15,000 each. (Replacement would be double that.) TSH and Utilities Kingston are meeting with the pump supplier (FLYGT) to attempt to resolve the issue.

Painting Tenders: OPP Building

Council accepted the bid of Barry Hawley Painting and Decorating to complete the painting of the OPP building in Hartington.

Plastic Bale Wrap Recycling

Kevin Bovey of the Frontenac Cattleman's Association made a lively presentation to council, requesting they set up a means to recycle the opaque white plastic used to wrap hay bales to preserve the feed quality. The same material is also used to cover boats and contain products on skids. At present, it is being burned, buried or added to landfill sites: as Bovey pointed out, none of these methods of disposal is environmentally acceptable.

The Cattleman's Association would like the township to create a drop site with a collection area where the plastic could be compressed and baled, then shipped out to be recycled into plastic lumber, playground equipment, etc. Council agreed that this sounded like a good idea: they will refer it to the Sustainability Committee for specific recommendations of how it could be implemented.

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