| Apr 17, 2008

Feature Article - April 17, 2008

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Feature Article -April 17, 2008 Second Depot Road bridge destroyedBy Inie Platenius

A fencepost dangling over a 15 foot chasm is all that remains of the bridge over Depot Creek on Second Lake Road just below the dam. Floodwaters took out the road and the six foot culvert sometime early Monday morning, leaving a 30 foot-wide gash and another 50 feet of ominous cracks and potholes in the remaining road to the north. Second Depot neighbour Don Brown says he worked on the culvert bridge sometime in the early 1960s, some years after he helped build the dam. “They took out the old cement bridge and put in the culvert,” he says. His wife Ruth remembers an even older version – a wooden structure called Bush’s Bridge, named for settlers of the time. Ruth recalls, “When they put in the culvert, Don and I searched around and found the old cement blocks that had the name Bush’s Bridge and we put them there by the new one”.

“Well, they’re gone as of today!” said Don.

Central Frontenac interim CAO John Duchene said that the township is planning to wait at least a few days until the water subsides before attempting to repair the road. There is an alternate route available “but it is quite a long detour I’ve been led to believe,” said Duchene, “and there is a concern about access for emergency vehicles etc., so we don’t want to wait too long to effect a repair”.

Preliminary estimates put the cost of repairs at $15-20,000, assuming an identical culvert is put in place of the one that has been washed away.

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