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Feature Article - July 31, 2008

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Feature Article - July 31, 2008 Hazardous waste day in Central Frontenac

Drain All employees collect toxic waste.

The first Central Frontenac Hazardous waste pickup day in Central Frontenac went off in fine fashion on Saturday in the salt dome at the township works garage on road 38 in Hinchinbrooke District.

“We had a large crowd when we opened at 9 am, and there was a 20 minute to a half hour wait for the early birds, but soon the flow eased and vehicles were able to drive right through and deposit their hazardous waste in no time at all,” said Central Frontenac Township Chief Administrative Officer John Duchene.

All told, 169 vehicles, including several fully loaded pick up trucks and loaded trailers took advantage of the offer to deliver hazardous and toxic materials for safe disposal.

“The company we hired to run the depot, said the results were good for this kind of event,” said Duchene.

The waste that was safely disposed of included; 6500 litres of paint, 100 litres of propane, 200 litres of anti-freeze, 7900 litres of flammable liquids, 50 kg. of medicines and other toxics, 500 litres each of aerosols and pesticides, and 400 litres of corrosive liquids (eg. acids). A quantity of dead batteries was received as well.

In addition to the crew from Drain-All, the company hired to run the depot, a number of volunteers, including township staff and citizen members of the township’s waste management committee, put in a day hauling material from vehicles.

Pat Maloney, Glenn and Carol Jackson from the committee joined staff members John Duchene, Sandra Clow, Mayor Janet Gutowski. Other volunteers included Charlotte Duchene, and students Kyle Rogers and Brandon Hilton.

The township is paying the cost of the recycling day, but in future years funding may be available from Stewardship Ontario for hazardous waste recycling.

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