| Dec 11, 2008

Dec 11/08 - Sydenham HS Swim Team

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Feature Article - December 11, 2008 New Swim team on deck at Sydenham HighBy Julie Druker

The new swim team at Sydenham High School with coach Shannon Myers (at left)

A pep rally at the Sydenham High School gym on December 2 included a newly formed team - the first ever swim team in the school's history.

The team, which formed early this school year, boasts 15 members and is still in its infancy.

Well known marathon swimmers Jenna and Natalie Lambert of Harrowsmith are both students at the school. They approached SHS teacher Shannon Myers, who is also a neighbour of the Lambert family, to see if it would be possible to get a swim team going.

“The girls wanted a chance to swim with their school peers on a team,” Myers said.

Jenna and Natalie swim 5 days a week and compete with the Kingston Y Penguins team and they both have big marathon swims under their belts. They also wanted an opportunity to be able to represent their school in sport but did not have time outside of their rigorous swimming schedules to join any other school team.

Myers came on board as coach for two reasons. Not only would a school team give the Lamberts a chance to swim for their school and to train alongside their peers but it would also give students who may be athletic but are not interested in joining other sports teams at the school the option of joining the swim team.

Shannon Myers has been teaching at Sydenham for five years, but before that she taught swimming and has worked as a lifeguard.

“The focus this year is fun and fitness and if we can pick up some technical skills and team work skills we’ll have been very successful,” she said.

She also said that the SHS is planning to compete in the EOSSAA meet this year as long as there are at least 6 members of the swim team who are interested in competing.

The team swims in the pool at the YMCA in Kingston on their off school hours. The Lamberts’ YMCA coach, legendary marathon simmer Vicki Keith, is also co-coaching the Sydenham team alongside Shannon Myers.

“There are still a lot of bumps to get over but we’re definitely getting there,” Myers added.

No doubt exciting waters lie ahead for the members of SHS’s newest sports team.

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