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Christmas 2008 - The Special Gift

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Remounting ofa Long Short Story

The Special Giftby Hope Attaway

The special giftby Hope Attaway

Robby Benson and Tommy West were next-door neighbours, and very good friends. They lived in Ocala. Florida.

Robby was seven years old and his father had just bought him a BMX bicycle. He was so excited that he cycled over to visit Tommy.

"What do you think of my bike? asked Robby, his eyes sparkling. I got it for Christmas."

"It looks neat. I always liked your old bicycle."

"Yeah, I had that bike for two years but Dad bought me this brand new blue bicycle for Christmas."

Robby never noticed that his friend was a bit upset. Tommy did not have a bicycle. He had moved to the neighbourhood about two months before. His family sold his bicycle as they needed the room for household items and the furniture when they moved to their new house. Tommy’s father had promised to buy his son another bike but then he was laid off from his construction job. They had a nice Christmas together as a family, but it had been quite simple.

Tommy liked Robby’s old bicycle because it was a fire engine red. Robby let him ride it and Tommy had found it easy to ride as his feet could reach the pedals easily. Robby’s new bicycle was much larger and Tommy could tell he would have a difficult time keeping his balance.

"Want to ride my new bicycle?" asked Robby.

"No thanks. May I ride your other bike?"


Tommy was unaware that his father was watching him from the front window. Mr. West wished he could purchase a bicycle for his son. His face brightened when a thought came to him.

Saturday afternoon Mr. West came home with a green BMX Bicycle. Tommy was so excited. They had bought the bike at a yard sale. Tommy’s father explained to his son that as soon as he was working again he would buy him a brand new bike and his choice of colour but for now, this bike would be something to ride.

Tommy and Robby rode down the street. They were going to the library. They never noticed a boy about their age watching them carefully. As Tommy and Robby came outside still looking at their new books, they noticed something was missing.

"My bike, where is my bike?" said Tommy, his voice wavering.

"Perhaps someone moved it to the side of the building."

Poor Tommy. His bike was nowhere in sight. They were both puzzled too. Why was Robby’s bike not stolen? It was the new one.

“Possibly your bike was too big" said Tommy and rubbed his eye. He was near to tears.

"Let’s ride around the neighbourhood and see if someone just put your bike in another place. Big kids are always playing jokes," said Robby, trying to cheer up his friend.

They searched everywhere they could think of but the bike was not to be found. Tommy finally went home and told his father.

"I guess some boy was tempted too much and took your bike, Son. Something will turn up and perhaps I will get my job back soon,” said Mr. West and gave his son a hug.

When Tommy went to bed that night he prayed to the Lord about his disappointment.

Robby told his parents about Tommy’s bad fortune.

Suddenly an idea came to Robby. The more he thought about it, the more excited he felt. He then asked his parents’ permission.

It was Saturday morning. Tommy dressed and ate his breakfast slowly. He still was upset that his bicycle had

been stolen. He had prayed about getting another bicycle but it seemed it would be quite awhile before that could happen.

I think I will watch cartoons today” said Tommy quietly.

"Oh, Tommy, it seems like such a beautiful day for you to just stay indoors," said his mother.

"There is nothing to do outside. Robby is going to visit his grandmother today. They are going to be gone all day" sighed Tommy.

"Come on, Son, let’s play some baseball,” said his father.

"All right."

Tommy ran outside with his father following. Then he gave a gasp of surprise. Chained to the clothesline pole was Robby’s fire engine red bicycle. There was a note with the padlock key taped onto the bike’s seat.

"What does the note say, Dad? asked Tommy impatiently.

"It’s from Robby and he says he wants you to have his

bike. His parents have agreed that it is all right for him to give the bike to you. Are you happy, Tommy?" asked Mr. West and smiled.

“Yes, I am. Dad, could you get this bike loose?" said Tommy excitedly.

"Sure thing," said his father and chuckled.

The next afternoon Robby and Tommy rode down the street. Robby never told anyone that he had given his friend a bicycle. It would be their little secret. Robby did not give Tommy the bike so that he could brag to his other friends about what a good guy he was; Robby gave the bike because they were good friends and Tommy needed a bike.

Tommy was thankful to his friend and most of all thankful to the Lord for hearing and answering his prayer.

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