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Feature Article - February 1, 2007

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February 1, 2007

Friend of the Salmon comes to Counciland other items from Central Frontenac Council - January 23 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------by Jeff Green

FRIENDS OF THE SALMONRIVER – Gray Merriam, who lives at the mouth of the Salmon River by KennebecLake, appeared at a Central Frontenac Council meeting this week with an update of the activities of the Friends of the Salmon River, a group he founded in the spring of 2004.

Merriam pointed to a map of the Salmon River Watershed, and pointed out that it includes a large amount of territory in Central Frontenac, including areas to the north of KennebecLake, which drain into that lake, BigClearLake, and the Salmon River itself.

The Friends of the Salmon River have received grants of $65,000 in 2004 and $55,000 in 2005, which they have used to do an evaluation of the watershed and a flora and fauna inventory, and to produce a report on their findings.

“By and large, the Salmon River watershed is not in bad shape, we are happy to report,” Merriam said.


There are concerns about drainage from some roadways, and about the impact future bridge replacements will have on the watershed. Merriam said that the Friends of the Salmon River will be available to help the township, the Quinte Region Conservation Authority, and the Ministry of Transportation (who have said they might be replacing their bridge over the Salmon in the coming years).

Merriam, and the Friends of the Salmon, took part in the Lake Management Plan for KennebecLake, which is being held up as a model for both Central Frontenac and Quinte Conservation.

Of particular concern to the Friends of the Salmon is the Arden-Tamworth Road, which runs along the river bank, and is liable to leach road salt, gravel, etc. into the water. “It’s a sensitive part of the river,” Merriam said, “We’ve inherited the road; we have to live with it. Let’s see if we can maintain it without doing any damage.”

He invited council to give the Friends of the Salmon a call any time.

CranberryLake bridge – Council is applying for funding support to do required work on the CranberryLake bridge. All of the preliminary work for the project, including engineering and environmental assessment work, was done last year, making it a suitable candidate for funding from a one-time provincial infrastructure funding program. The deadline for applying to the $70 million program is early February, and the township will hear back by late March. If the application is not successful, the township will have to budget for the project this year.

Tendering for gravel – The township is tendering for the crushing of 40,000 metric tonnes of Granular “A” and 20,000 metric tonnes of granular “B” gravel. The gravel will be used in road projects planned for this year, including final road preparation for the remaining 4 km of the Arden Road, and for Tryon Road, Babcock Road, Cronk Road, Forty Foot Road, Godfrey Road, Fourth Lake Road, Echo Lake Road and Second Lake Road.

Posting agendas – Council agreed to post the agendas for committee of adjustment meetings, which deal with zoning and minor variance matters, on the township website, much as council meeting agendas are posted.

Surplus equipment – The township is selling off some old fire equipment; including a 1967 Ford Pumper, a 1967 International Pumper, and a 1976 GMC Pumper. The equipment will be advertised for sale by tender.

Aggregate Resources Open House – The Ministry of Natural Resources will send a representative to an Information Open House regarding the new Aggregate Resources Act, which will be held on February 17 (location TBA). This session will be of particular interest to existing gravel pit owners in Central and North Frontenac, who have until the end of June to register their pits if they want to be “grandfathered” into the act.

Oak Flats Road – Deputy Mayor Bill Snyder, who has long advocated for improvements to the Oak Flats Road, has decided not to wait until budget deliberations this year. He presented a notion of motion to have a portion of the Oak Flats Road worked on this year, and paved in 2008. The motion will be considered at the next meeting.

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