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Januay 11, 2007

Notes from South Frontenac Council by Wilma Kenny -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In the absence of Mayor Davison, the meeting was chaired by Deputy Mayor Del Stowe.

Zoning By-law Amendment Questioned

Councillor Hicks questioned an amendment which would create a new waterfront lot (in Storrington District) with less than the 300' frontage recommended by the zoning by-law. He argued that this could establish a bad precedent. Planner Lindsay Mills responded that this lot was part of a land assembly package which used a section of ‘no man’s land’ to enlarge three existing, undersized lots, and assimilate a scrap of waterfront property which in the future might otherwise come under development pressure. None of the environmental agencies had objected to the proposal. The amendment passed, with Councillor Hicks voting against it.

2007 Recreation Guide


Council agreed to support the 2007 spring and fall S. F. Recreation Guides by purchasing advertising in both issues. CAO Gord Burns commented that he felt it was an excellent publication that provides a wealth of information to local residents about the various social and recreational services and programs in the Township.

Kubota Tractor

Following successful sale of the used Portland machine to the highest of seven bidders (David Grey of Mountain Grove), Public Works Manager Bill Blum advised that future disposal of used equipment might be best done by local advertising, rather than shipping the items off to auction.

Sydenham Road

Next summer, the township will be working with the City of Kingston to repair the 5.6 km of Sydenham road north of Elginburg.

Building Department

Alan Revil, Chief Building Inspector, reported a continuing decline in construction value, due largely to 2006's new housing starts being only 73% of the previous year.

Sydenham Water

As of December 18, 164 water meters had been handed out, but only 1/3 of the village buildings (89) have been hooked up to the new water service. No one questioned whether the residents have discovered alternate uses for the other 75 meters.

Property Standards By-law

Council agreed they would discuss enforcement of the property standards by-law, at the next Committee of the Whole (date not set). Presently, enforcement is reactive: ie, a complainant must come in to the township office, fill out and sign a complaint form. Councillor Vandewal said he had been asked why the township didn’t deal directly (proactively) with obvious by-law violators.

Chain of Office: 6:1

Councillor Vandewal said he had had 6 people contact him who were opposed to the purchase of a mayor’s chain of office, and one in favour.

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