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Feature Article - March 15, 2007

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Feature Article - March 15, 2007

North Frontenac CouncilbyJeffGreen

OMPAH HELIPAD AGREEMENT – Deputy Mayor Jim Beam was scheduled to bring a draft agreement forward, but he reported that he will be meeting this weekend, accompanied by Councilor Lonnie Watkins, with Mr. Thibault, who owns the land due south of the helipad location. They will be discussing what tree clearing will need to be done, and what kind of agreement is needed. Beam said he should have a draft agreement ready for the council meeting on March 22nd in Snow Road.

PINE LAKE on the agenda, sort of – Mayor Maguire confirmed that a proposed meeting with federal, provincial and municipal officials, and the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation (AAFNA) to discuss the Pine Lake construction project would not take place. The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), representing Ontario, declined the invitation, as did AAFNA, and there has been no response from the federal government.


Maguire also said that he has received further indications that the environmental assessment for the project, which AAFNA is financing and arranging, is acceptable to the MNR. The MNR is considering issuing a land use permit, a permit that AAFNA is not seeking, nor will it accept.

“Nonetheless, if the MNR presents them with a land use permit, that would be progress,” Maguire said.

Councillor Cole had attempted to introduce an editorial from the National Post for council’s consideration, but this was not acceptable to the Mayor.

Referring to what he called a “gag order”, Cole said that there was one point from the editorial, which concerned the situation in Caledonia, which he wanted to bring up.

“They mention that the federal and provincial governments and the aboriginals are negotiating, but they don’t mention the municipality. It’s the same at Pine Lake; North Frontenac should not be involved in this. It’s not our problem,” Wayne Cole said.

“If AAFNA does build, the staff must fulfill their responsibilities” Maguire responded.

“I agree with you, but only after a land use permit is issued. Until then we should stay out of it,” Cole replied.

Council took no action on the matter.

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