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Feature Article - March 1, 2007

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Feature Article - March 1, 2007

Burn it Smart Workshops

If you heat with wood don’t miss the Burn it Smart workshop at the Sydenham High School Cafeteria in Sydenham from 7:00 pm on Monday, March 5th. The workshop is being led by WETT-trained wood heat specialists offering useful tips on efficient and safe wood burning practices. Participants will see for themselves the dramatic difference between old and new wood burning technology at the burn display and will receive a number of free booklets on wood burning.

The workshop also addresses wood smoke and its effects on air quality and health. Local topography and climate can trap smoke close to the ground, an effect which is sometimes noticeable on calm winter mornings in local valleys. Wood smoke is pollution and is not only unpleasant to breathe, it is downright unhealthy, especially for children, the elderly and those with respiratory problems.


Efficient wood burning practices, good seasoned fuel and new technology EPA woodstoves can reduce wood smoke significantly. Keep in mind, wood smoke is unburned fuel, so letting it go up the chimney where it can condense as creosote or be released as air pollution means less heat and can potentially lead to chimney fires. Learning how to Burn it Smart is what the workshop is about.

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