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Feature Article - March 8, 2007

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Feature Article - June 21, 2007

AH Council refuses to reconsider Denbigh dump closure

by Jule Koch Brison

Paul Isaacs appeared before council to ask them to reconsider the temporary closing of the Denbigh dump. Isaacs said, “I’ve been pondering the closure and couldn’t understand why… there must have been some threats, some kind of bureaucratic blackmail. There is nothing positive about closing the site…For the community it is an outright hardship.” Isaacs asked Reeve Henry Hogg to poll the council to bring forward a motion for reconsideration.

In reply, Hogg pointed out that the closure is temporary and that council has already applied for a certificate of approval to expand the site. Hogg then asked the four councilors if anyone wanted to bring forward a motion for reconsideration. No one responded. He asked twice more but still there was no response and so Paul Isaacs’ request was denied.


- The McGuinty government announced on June 6 that it is accepting applications for Rural Connections, a $10 million program aimed at bringing high-speed internet to rural municipalities. However, resident Ian Brummell attended a meeting and said that there was no hope for Addington Highlands to get in on the program as it is for municipalities with much more advanced projects.

The township received two bids for rockblasting and removal on the Hughes Landing/Skootamatta Lake Road, one for $1035/hr, and one for $884/hr from Danford Construction. Council accepted the lower quote.

- Council accepted a quote of $2073.89 from Quinte Eco for replacing two groundwater wells at the Kaladar dump that have been destroyed, probably by bears. Councilor Helen Yanch asked if the township’s insurance would cover the wells, but Township Clerk Jack Pauhl didn’t think so, as the destruction was not an accident, and also, the replacement cost from Quinte Eco is less than the deductible.

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