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Feature Article - 31, 2007

K&Pto become link to Trans-Canada Trail

by Wilma Kenny


K&P to become link to Trans-Canada Trail: In a close vote, Council agreed to proceed with the purchase from Bell Canada of the former K&P rail line through Portland and Bedford districts. The land will be turned over to the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority for development as part of the Trans-Canada Trail system. CAO Burns pointed out that this approach to the Trans-Canada would be a major achievement for future economic development in the township. The purchase will be paid, not by township recreational reserves as originally proposed, but by a Rural Infrastructure grant to Frontenac County of $289,000. This grant will cover costs of land acquisition, surveying, bridge construction and trail development. As well the township will acquire lands in Verona and Harrowsmith not required for the trail, which may have potential for road development or other township uses. Councilor Fillion of Storrington district scoffed at the suggestion that there would be any economic benefit in having the trans-Canada trail through the township. "Not ten people have used that trail (the portion near his residence) in the past five years. Are we catering to a special interest group?" Both Portland and Storrington Councilors voted against the motion.

Omaha Orange Trucks

Council revisited the ever-popular question of township vehicle colour, voting to have all trucks, large and small, the same colour. Public works Manager Bill Blum had noted that this increased both the cost and wait time for delivery of new trucks, and suggested some more common colour be chosen. However, consistency, distinctiveness and Omaha Orange won everyone’s vote.

Project End Zone

Council agreed to provide five-year bridge financing of up to $490,500 to North Frontenac Arena for their renovations and upgrading.

Powerboat Races on Sydenham (Lake) Reservoir... will not be taking place this year, due to lack of local interest or sponsorship.

Summer Meetings

Scheduled Council meetings for the summer will be July 3rd and August 7th.

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