| Jul 26, 2007

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Feature Article - July 26, 2007

NorthFrontenac Council - July 19/07

by Jeff Green

HOMELESSNESS STUDY Consultant Jeff Wood appeared before council to introduce himself and explain that he has been engaged by the United Way and Frontenac County to undertake a preliminary study into homelessness in Frontenac County.

The project, which will culminate in a report that is due in September, has three goals:

1) to identify issues faced by those who are or are facing homelessness in the county.

2) to identify services that are available to help these people, identify service gaps and potential solutions, and

3) see how the United Way and the county can work together to create an ongoing plan to address homelessness issues.

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Wood has been doing some background research and has been meeting with politicians, service providers and the public. The report will be presented to the public in the fall.

WATER PROBLEM A water problem has been identified at the Barrie Hall, and a purification system is being purchased. Staff will be looking at the water systems in all the township halls.

BULK WASTE ITEMS Bulk items, e.g. mattresses, sofas, chairs, etc., are currently thrown over the bank at township waste sites. In order to save space at the sites, the township has decided to truck the bulk items away in a 40-yard bin at a price of $250 per load, plus $130 per ton. The fees already charged for dumping the items will cover the cost of this program.

TASK FORCES CONSTITUTED The community needs and cemetery task forces have now been filled with councillors and volunteers. Terms of reference are complete or nearing completion, and the task forces will be getting down to business later this summer.

POLICING COSTS Noting the police presence on Highway 509 in recent weeks in response to the Algonquin occupation of the Robertsville mine, Councilor Wayne Cole asked CAO Cheryl Robson if the township is being billed for the extra service. Robson said she had put that very question to Jeff McCann of the Sharbot Lake detachment and was waiting for an answer. (Robson later sent out a release confirming that policing costs for the occupation of the mine will be borne exclusively by the province.)

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