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Feature Article - March 8, 2007

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Feature Article - July 5, 2007

North Frontenac Council - June 28, 2007

By Jeff Green

The uranium exploration issue came to North Frontenac Council last Thursday.

George White, the President of Frontenac Ventures Corporation, made a presentation to council about the benefits of the project, and Marilyn Crawford from Mining Watch Canada, and John Kittle, a concerned resident, presented information about the dangers.

George White talked about the many federal regulations that are in place at this time to make uranium mining safe, and talked of the opportunities for the township. He cited Cameco, a company with mines in Saskatchewan and Wyoming, among other places, as a successful uranium mining venture. He said the anti-uranium forces in the area are providing mis-information, which his company will counter in the near future. He called opponents of his company’s project “eco-terrorists”.


Marilyn Crawford pointed out that Nova Scotia has placed a moratorium on uranium mining because of concerns about the environmental impacts, and that in the Province of New Brunswick, some drill testing operations have been required to undergo closer scrutiny.

John Kittle is a resident of North Frontenac with a background in nuclear physics. He pointed out that certain primary cancers are considered as occupational diseases “among workers previously employed in uranium mining in Ontario”, and also said that even though he takes George White at his word on the environmental conscience of Frontenac Ventures, “the claim will potentially be sold to a larger mining company,” that is not so environmentally conscious.

TRUCK TENDER: Tenders for the purchase of a tandem truck were opened at the meeting. The lowest tender was from a company from Ottawa, which priced a Sterling truck at $113,000. The price was lower than the price that had been presented to Council after a request for proposal process a month ago, which council subsequently rejected, ordering that formal tendering process be carried out.

Public Works Manager John Ibey said that the trucks are all priced in US dollars and the current exchange rate is then applied. The Canadian dollar went up about 5 cents against the US dollar in between the two quotes. “On a $100,000 item, that amounts to $5,000 in savings.”

Council approved the purchase, subject to confirmation that it met the specifications in the tender, and the purchase of $85,000 worth of added equipment in order for it to meet the township’s needs.

Concerns about Pine Lake parking – Councilor Wayne Cole expressed concern that the Ministry of Natural Resources, in deciding to permit the development of a band office and Pow Wow grounds at the public boat launch at Pine Lake, may have eliminated the assurance of public parking at the site for people who access their properties through the boat launch. Although the launch is maintained by the township under a land use permit, that does not include the parking area.

“If people can’t park, what access do they have to their properties?” Cole asked.

Mayor Maguire agreed with Councilor Cole that it would be useful to hear directly from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on this and other issues, and staff was asked to contact the MNR and request that someone attend the council meeting on July 12.

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