| Aug 23, 2007

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Feature Article - August 23, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Re: Security & Prosperity Partnership


I am writing in response to Jeff Green's article on the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America article recently published in your newspaper. While Mr. Green's article seemed to be a balance reporting of the stated intentions of this initiative with a sprinkling of alternative opinion, that is the "micro" view as put forward in the "controlled media." I would like to comment on the bigger picture, the "macro" purposes that are hidden in the bureacrateese language of government. TheSecurity & Prosperity Partnership of North America was initiated in Paul Martin's administration when Vincente Fox was President of Mexico. It is part of a Globalist agenda to centralize all regions of the world for the eventual unification of a central world government. Sounds secure, right (global plantation).The Trilateral Commission (US) which was founded to foster world government by creating trade regions is the paradigm for this process.Why has this process been virtually eliminated from news analysis and public dialogue? Very simple: it is a "cartel-driven"process---only those who are deemed controllers need to know;it is being done TO US, not FOR US. Think about it. The recent publicity regarding Presidents Bush and Calderone coming to Gatineau for a "trade summit" is simply icing. This was, in fact,a final signatory meeting---each country signing agreement to terms---the purpose of which is to create a three-country entity, The North American Union. Our Canada is being merged into a new political entity without our consent!! Harper has simply stepped into the signatory process that Paul Martin (an avowed globalist) began with Bush and Fox. Oh, Canada, who stands on guard for thee? We are already micro-managed into signing away chunks of Canada under treaty law with the UN (UN Biosphere Reserves).Now we are agreeing to a new unification with Mexico and the U.S. And one of the litmus tests of the future is that the new currency, the Amero, is already accepted and will be issued in 2010. At that time Canadian Currency will have a short window by which you can unload any saved cash to convert to the Amero;after that, it's like the post WWI Deutsche Marks---collector's items. If you go to the Fraser Institute website (www.fraserinstitute.ca), you can search for their articles on the Amero. In their articles they state:"...a tripartite central bank, the North American Central Bank, will be established to oversee the integrity of the Amero." They also claim, "Canada's cultural sovereignty and political independence will not be affected by monetary union."This is an outright lie!! (Why do we not react? What do we not understand about the meaning of lie??) The people in the shadows (the "global controllers") are planning to take away our identity the way you strip an onion:one layer at a time! If you Google "Amero"there is much more.... We have already seen the fiscal testing of the stock markets with real estate hemorrhaging that created panic selling.This was simply a test, the conditions for which were well established by the Controllers.Just as the daily value of gold is established in the London GOLD FIXING, so the conditions for our monetary life are well planned.If you think that our well-being is primary then you must believe in the Tooth Fairy! I predict a financial catastrophic event will come forwardthis fall or winter---a planned shakedown designed to push us all into greater acceptance of the U.S./Mexico/Canada merger.Thanks to Frederick Hegel (1790's) and his provocative theory for any standard by which to notice this pattern:1. Problem,2. Opposition,3. Solution. The government of the day establishes conditions out of which a social, fiscal, cultural problem will occur. Various citizen groups express opposition to the problem.The government steps in to provide the solution. Welcome to the brave new world of tomorrow, today! G. Leslie Balogh

Re:BoatI read with interest the cover story in the August 9th issue of Johnny Bron and the remarkable boat that he has built. How unfortunate, then, that his planned boat launching was ruined by an OPP officer who was either over-zealous, over-bearing or both. Mr. Bron is clearly a talented member of the community, whose plans were ironically undone by “community policing.” In this regard, I was disappointed that the officer was not named and thus held publicly accountable for his or her actions. Given that the police have created a situation that is dangerous to the public and have also left Mr. Bron in an unenviable position of potential liability should anyone get hurt after climbing on his boat, at the very least the police should accept their responsibility and do everything possible to assist him in returning the boat to his home. Stephen Dukoff

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