| Aug 09, 2007

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Feature Article - August 9, 2007

Looking for SourceProtection Committee members

Imagine a future with protected, clean and abundant sources of drinking water... If this is a hope that you have for your children and grandchildren, and an issue in which you have knowledge or expertise, you should consider serving on one of the source protection committees (SPC)


The source protection committees will oversee the source protection planning process and guide the development of three key products: terms of reference, a technical assessment report and ultimately source protection plans. The committees within the watersheds covered by the Frontenac News will be called respectively: the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Committee (SPC) and the Quinte Region Source Protection Committee, and they’re looking for members!

The committees, by regulation, will consist of 15 members, plus the chairperson.The regulation also calls for two seats to be reserved for First Nations representatives and several non-voting liaison members. Local municipalities will have one third (five) of the seats on the committee as will representatives of the local economic sector (five) and other interests of the general public (five). Regulations stipulate that the 15 members be split equally among three categories of interests “municipal”, “sectoral” and “other” interests. Within these three categories, SPAs determine how seats are assigned. Ideally, the composition of the committee should reflect the broad range of local interests.

The public is invited to submit comments on the proposed SPC composition. Comments must be received by September 4, 2007.

People are also welcome to apply to be a SPC member. Completed application forms must be received by October 8, 2007.

SPC members should be willing and able to:

Commit to a long-term time commitment (ideally 5 years) Attend monthly meetings beginning in Fall 2007 Act as a liaison between the sector they are representing and the SPC Work cooperatively and effectively within a group of diverse interests

For more details on the Mississippi-Rideau SPC, please visit www.mrsourcewater.ca; and for the Quinte Region SPC, visit www.quintesourcewater.ca,

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