| Sep 06, 2007

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Feature Article - September 6, 2007

Lanark County Master Gardeners 20 year Anniversary

by Judy Wall, Lanark County Master Gardeners

The Lanark County Master Gardeners group was formed in 1987, and recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary at Rockwall Gardens in Perth. Several of the original founding group participated in this celebration:Helen Halpenny, Margaret Inwood, Amy Pokorny (Emeritus MG), Adele Watson (Emeritus MG), and Al & Doris Curry. Helen Halpenny and Margaret Inwood continue to this day as active Master Gardeners, and received their 20-year certificate and pins in recognition of their many years of volunteer service.


The Master Gardeners meet monthly (every 2nd Wed.) enjoying their common interest in learning, sharing and helping others in our community. The Master Gardenersvolunteer their time, sharing their horticultural knowledge by providinginformation to garden clinics, farmers markets, and fairs. Theyalso offer help over the telephone,give talks (usuallyto our local horticultural societies), and write newspaper articles. Anyone interested in becoming a Master Gardener can call any of our members, or go to the Ontario MG website to learn what is required: www.mastergardener.ca.

Back row, l. to r: Renai Rennick, Joan Tosh, Lorri MacKay, Kelly Noel, Helen Halpenny, Amy Pokorny, Adele Watson, Judy Wall, Doris Curry; middle row: Edythe Falconer, Margaret Inwood, Dale Odorizzi; front row: Karen Richter, Kevin Didsbury, Kathleen Lang, Ankaret Dean, Al Curry.

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