| Oct 18, 2007

Feature Article - October 18, 2007 Feature Article - October 18, 2007

Addington Highlands Council - Oct. 15by Jule Koch Brison

At the Flinton meeting on Oct 1, 2007, Cross Lake Road resident Norine Traynor had brought a petition to council, asking for council’s help in stopping the closure of her road. At the Oct 15 meeting in Denbigh, Reeve Henry Hogg gave an update to council on the situation, saying that the township has put several loads of gravel on the nearby Addington Road, “so that they would have some access if the road is closed on Oct 16”. (Note: According to Norine Traynor, the road was indeed closed on Oct. 16. she had sent a lawyer’s letter to the property owner saying she would take him to court if he closed the road)


Jim Fraser of Fraser Haulage wrote a letter to council expressing “the frustration we have experienced in trying to get your township to consider a more efficient method of handling your recycling”. The letter says that the township does not have enough bins at the site and the company has been using their own bins. The company’s offer was to provide the township with 3 packer units and one power unit and pick up all the recycling at the Kaladar site for $2080 per month.

Councilor Eythel Grant said that in 2006 the township had paid Fraser Haulage $16,000. However, Reeve Hogg pointed out, “If we’re faced with buying new bins you have to factor that in.”

Council decided to enter into a 3-year contract with Fraser Haulage, but to try to negotiate a better price.

Council discussed a draft report for the expansion of the Denbigh Waste Site from Quinte Eco. Township Clerk/CAO Jack Pauhl pinpointed some things that the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) might object to, such as the plan for only applying cover once a week. He also wondered if the waste site attendant would be able to keep up with the exact record keeping required – the attendant must log the date, quantity, source, vehicle licence plate and type of waste brought in.

Councilor Helen Yanch suggested that a gate be put in at the site so that only one car could go through at a time.

Council decided that Waste Management Committee would discuss the report at the committee’s next meeting on Nov. 1.

Roads Supervisor Royce Rosenblath reported that this winter the Flinton garage would not be heated and would be used only for storage.

In a letter to council, the Lake Weslemkoon Conservation Association expressed several concerns, including a request for increased hours of operation at the waste site, and a request that the township improves its recycling efficiency. Council decided to invite the association to bring their suggestions to the Nov.1 meeting of the Waste Management Committee.

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