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Christmas Edition - December 20, 2007

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Christmas Edition - December 20, 2007

Christmas Art Contest

Many thanks to all the children who entered our contest, becaus it is you whomake Christmas magical, and our time producing this chrismas issue worthwhile.

Left: Overall winner Natalie Reynolds, 8.

Ages 4-5

Above: 1st place, Jessica Wedden, 5. Right: 2nd place, Kate Osborn, 5

Ages 6-7

Above: 1st place, Jorden, 7. Above right: 2nd place, Kaitlyn Scobie, 7. Right: 3rd place, Claudia Thompson, 7

Ages 8-10

Right: 1st place, Matthew Sproule, 9. Above: 2nd place, Arizona Cormier, 9. Below right: 3rd place, Holden Cooper, 8

Ages 11 & Over

Above left: 1st place, Emily, 11. Right: 2nd place, Brandy Armstrong, 11

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